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Business Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers

With IP800 Toll-Free Service, you can get toll-free phone numbers in just minutes. Whether you purchase our numbers or transfer your existing number to us, we'll deliver the calls to you via our SIP trunks. /p>

Two SIP lines included

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One toll-free number included.
Add'l numbers - just $1.99/mo. each

Looking for Local Numbers?
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USA origination - 2.2¢/min
USA/Can origination - 3¢/min

Toll-free calling for your customers

Give your customers a simple, convenient way to reach you. A toll-free number allows your customers to reach your business, without a charge to them for the call.

Easy to remember toll-free numbers

Choose a personalized number to represent your business. A toll-free number that spells your business name makes it easier for your customers to remember you.

Keep your current toll-free number

If you already have a toll-free number with a different service provider, you can easily move it to IPComms and take advantage of our low rates and excellent service.

Getting started with a toll-free numbers

Customers can call your business from the U.S. and Canadian and they won’t incur long distance charges.


E911 service for all US and Canada phone numbers.

E911 is $1.00 per e911 number.

Forward your calls to any of your existing phone numbers (e.g. office, mobile, phone etc.) 

PSTN Forwarding adds 1¢/minute to each call.

Maintain the same phone number even upon changing from your existing service provider. Learn more about LNPs.

LNPs are just $8.00 per number (one-time fee).

Select local numbers in any country we service and we'll deliver them via your SIP trunk. Learn more about international phone numbers.

International numbers are just $4.99/mo. each.

Vanity toll free phone numbers make your phone number memorable (e.g. 1-800-5-SIPTRUNK). Learn more about Vanity Toll Free Numbers.

Vanity Numbers are just $25 each (one-time fee).

T38 enables you to send a fax over a data network (FoIP). It is needed because fax data can not be sent over an IP network in the same way as voice communications.

Standard feature.

CNAM pairs caller data and see the name and number of the person calling you. It is very similar to caller ID except that both the caller’s name and the calling number are displayed on the receiving end of the phone call.

Standard feature.

Route calls evenly between two endpoints automatically.

Standard feature.

Redirect voice traffic to a separate business destination automatically in case of outage.

Standard feature.

We support both G.711 and G.729 codecs for your VoIP devices.

Standard feature.

Call Data Records (CDRs) are useful in understanding your daily communications and can also give you a clear insite into your  business activities.

Standard feature.

If you are unsatisfied with your IP Communications service for any reason within the first 30 days after signing up , you can cancel and we will give you a full refund - minus any minutes used. See 30-Day Money Back Details

Standard feature.


How it works:


For example: if you operate a call center in India, your clients in the USA and Canada can simply dial your toll free number to reach you.  We'll forward these calls to your call center instantly using through a VoIP connection (SIP Trunk). We can also forward your calls to any mobile or land-line phone (additional call termination fee may be required).