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Get a free VoIP phone number from IPComms today!

We are so confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with our service, we'll give you a FreeDID to prove it.  Just fill out our online sign up form and you'll receive a call to verify your request. Once verified, we'll send you your SIP username and password along with your FreeDID and SIP trunk information.  It's fast and easy - with no tricks or gimicks.   

Your FreeDID includes:
  • One US DID number
  • Includes 2 Lines (2 concurrent calls)
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • 10 minutes of free outbound included
  • Additional outbound US calling is just $0.01 per minute (no minimums)
  • No monthly charges of any kind!
What do I need?
  • SIP/VoIP device (Softphone App
    (check out our list of free softphone apps), VoIP Phone, Softswitch, Gateway, etc...)
  • High-speed internet connection
How do I get started?
  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Next, you will receive a call from customer service within a business day to verify your information.
    (your account will not be active until verification has been completed)
  3. Afterwards, you’ll receive signup confirmation via email.
  4. Finally, you'll login, retrieve your SIP credentials and start making calls!



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FreeDID?

Simply put, a FreeDID is a free phone number that we provide to you over the internet.  As a SIP trunking provider, we stock a very large quantity of phone numbers for our customers to use for their business phone systems and other VoIP related phone applications.  Often, we have over stocked phone numbers that are sitting idle.  Rather than letting these number sit unused, we have decided to just give them away.  

Why do you do give them away?

Giving a way these overstocked numbers gives us the opportunity to showcase our quality in hopes that our FreeDID users will spread the good word about our service.

How can I use a FreeDID?

Since a FreeDID is basically a local phone number, they can be used the same way.  Here are some examples:

  • Receiving wi-fi phone calls -  by simply downloading one of many free SIP/VoIP phone applications onto your smartphone, you can use our FreeDID to receive phone calls without using your mobile provider's network.  Rather, calls are routed to your phone over your high-speed internet connection.  
  • Making wi-fi phone calls - since each FreeDID comes with 10 minutes of free domestic outboud calls, you can also make calls using the same free SIP/VoIP phone application.
  • VoIP enabled PBXs (IP PBXs) - since our FreeDIDs are delivered using SIP trunking technology, you can easily connect them to any SIP enabled PBX such as Asterisk, 3CX, Trixbox, Elastix and more.  
  • A second phone line for your smartphone - many of our users use our FreeDIDs as a secondary phone number.  This allows them to advertise a different phone number than their personal cell phone number when the need calls for it.

Is it really free?  

Oh yeah, it's free!  Just ask our over twenty thousand FreeDID subscribers.  We'll provide you one phone number delivered to you via our SIP Trunk at no cost.  Just connect your SIP enabled device, and begin receiving calls.  

What if I want to make outbound phone calls?

All of our FreeDIDs come with 10 minutes of free outbound calling to any location in the USA or Canada*.  And if you require additional minutes, you can add purchase more for just 1 cent per minute.

Do you provide technical support for FreeDIDs?

Yes, but... we give priority to our paid customers.  If you need help you can open a ticket and we'll be with you as quickly as we can.

What's the difference between a FreeDID and a SimpleDID?

Our SimpleDID is the paid version of our FreeDID service.  Here are some of the advantages of choosing our SimpleDID product:

    • Number Selection: You get to select the actual city and state that you want your phone numbers from.
    • Add-ons: You can add additional local and toll free phone numbers as well as increase the quantity of ports (concurrent call paths) you desire.  
    • Priority Support: All of our paid services come with priority support.
    • Number Transfers: You can transfer your existing phone numbers to us, and port numbers away.  



• FreeDIDs are for individual use only. FreeDIDs may not be resold or redistributed in any way.
• Terms, conditions and restrictions are subject to change at any time.
• IPComms reserves the right to limit, discontinue or disconnect or cancel the FreeDID service at any time.
• FreeDID (Phone number) availability may be limited by location.
• Limit of 1 FreeDID per user. Registration of multiple FreeDID accounts by a single user is not permitted, and will result in immediate service cancellation.
• Phone numbers cannot be ported into FreeDID accounts.
• Limit of two concurrent calls per FreeDID account.
• FreeDID numbers cannot be ported away (LNP’d) from IPComms.
• To keep your FreeDID account active and avoid service disconnection, your number must receive at least one successful inbound call every three (3) months.
• If your Free DID/Free Phone Number is removed from your account due to misuse, abuse, non-use, cancellation, it may not be available for re-order.
• IPComms Terms of Service, Reasonable Use Policy and other restrictions apply.