Earn Money with IPComms

Get rewarded for spreading the word about our great prices and services.

IPComms' referral program is a rewarding opportunity for our partners and customers to get paid simply for referring business leads to IPComms. Our program is easy to use and easy to understand. Eligible participants can provide new business referrals in exchange for:

One-Time Reward 

If the total of all monthly recurring surcharges  for active referrals are $999/mo. or less -  a one-time reward payment equal to 50% of the total surcharges on each referral's first month's bill.

Monthly Recurring Payments

If the total of all monthly recurring surcharges  for active referrals are $1000/mo. or greater - you'll receive monthly commission of 10% of the total monthly surcharges for all active referred customers.  

*Participants can only be compensated through either the one-time payment plan OR monthly payment plan, but not both.  If you receive a one-time payment for a referral, you will not receive monthly payments for that same referral under the recurring plan.  However, referrals in which one-time payments are issued can be used in calculating the total commissions needed to reach th $1000 minimum.  

**Examples of charges that do not qualify for commissions include, but are not limited to: late fees, lnp fees, 911 fees, per-minute/usage charges, regulatory fees & taxes.




The program works in four easy steps: 

  1. Apply online.  Sign up for the program as a business or as an individual. For tax purposes, as a business you will need your employer identification number (EIN) or as an individual, you will need your social security number (for security reasons, we will not accept this information by mail, you will need to call to supply it). 
  2. Choose which payment option you prefer: one-time check or paypal and provide your address and payment details.
  3. Submit referral.
  4. Receive Payment.

The IPComms sales team will manage the sale, keeping you informed as it proceeds. Once the sale closes, you will receive your payment approximately 60 days after service activation.  Its that easy!

If you qualify for monthly recurring payments, your distributions are made monthly only if your balance meets a minimum threshold of $100.  Balances that are less than $100 will roll over to the next month.  We must have your tax information on file before making agent distributions/payments. *Usage-based charges (i.e. long distance), installation, equipment, or other non-recurring charges are excluded. There is a $2,500 maximum cap on all referral payouts, regardless of the total referral revenue (i.e. size of the sale).



Eligibility requirements

1.As the lead provider, you shall be compensated for leads that IPComms accepts after determining that the prospective end user is not an existing IPComms customer or existing prospective customer for services from IPComms. NOTE: Taxes, Fees and non-standard services and products including (but not limited to: Number transfers (LNP/RespOrg), E911, CNAM, Directory Services, Payphone Compensation, Taxes, and other Fees are excluded from this program, and at the sole discretion of IPComms.

2.No individual or entity shall be eligible to participate in this program nor receive commission from any leads provided to IPComms if such individual or entity is an IPComms Business Partner, sales representative or a relative of an IPComms sales agent or sales representative.

3.No individual or entity shall be eligible to receive commissions from leads that are self-arrivals.

4.You must have obtained your employer’s consent to participate in the IPComms Business Referral Program before applying.

5.IPComms will compensate you, as the lead provider, for actual sales of IPComms Services to businesses. Usage-based charges (i.e. long distance), installation, equipment, or other non-recurring charges are excluded.

6.All leads shall be submitted using a current lead referral form.

7.IPComms will pay appropriate commisions you if the deal closes within one hundred eighty (180) days of your initial contact with IPComms.  Commissions from leads that are more than 180 days old do not qualify for commissions.

8.Commisions do expire.  All residual commissions are paid to Lead Provider only if a minimum of (1) new lead is converted to a valid, active IPComms customer, in good standing, within a rolling (1) year period.  If more than (1) year passes without a Lead Provider submitting and converting a valid, active lead into an IPComms customer (in good standing), all existing commissions paid to Lead Provider will be considered expired, will no longer be paid, and cannot be reinstated.  These commissions will not be eligable for any future commissions by any Lead Provider.

9.You will generate leads in a manner that will reflect favorably on the good name and reputation of IPComms and IPComms services and, specifically, you agree to:

a.Comply with all applicable national, international, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations in its dealings with IPComms and end users, including, without limitation, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA and all applicable federal, state, local, and international privacy laws.

b.Cooperate fully in the collection, compilation, and maintenance of data required to be reported by IPComms under any statutes, regulations, orders, or other contractual commitments.

c.Maintain in force and effect all licenses and permits or state required certifications required for its performance under this agreement.

d.Make no false or misleading statements with respect to IPComms services and engage in no illegal, deceptive, misleading, unethical, or improper acts or practices in performing under this agreement.

 10. You must agree to the Business Referral Program Terms and Conditions.


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