Moving your number to IPComms
Local Number Transfer (LNP)

Switch today and become part one of the nation's most reliable SIP Trunking networks. We give you the ability to maintain the same phone number even upon changing from your existing service provider.  We can port (transfer) any toll-free number and most local numbers to our network. In addition, we can provide you with a temporary phone number while your number is being moved.




icon codecDoes it cost anything to transfer my current number?

It depends on the type of service you purchase. Pricing will be detailed on each individual product page.  Or you can look at our pricing page for more information. Porting fees are collected before the porting process can begin.


icon codecDo you offer volume discounts for bulk transfers?

Yes. Just speak with your IPComms support representative, and provide the quantities of numbers that will need to be transferred, and the service locations of the numbers. We will provide you with a quote for your volume LNP request.


icon codecHow long does it take to transfer a number?

Transferring a phone number to IPComms typically takes approximately 10 business days.  However, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the service location, and the releasing carriers response time.  Transfer time will depend greatly on the accuracy of the information you provide, so be sure to fill out your LNP request form as accurately and completely as possible to avoid delays.


icon codecCan I transfer my toll-free number to IPComms?

Yes. We can transfer local, toll-free and in some cases international phone numbers.


icon codecCan I transfer an international number to IPComms?

Yes, it is possible.  It will depend on the country the number belongs to as well as the carrier that will be releasing the phone number.  


icon codecAre there any restrictions?

Your current account must be active and in good standing with your existing provider. There may not be a line freeze or a pending order on your existing phone. You will need to provide IP Communications with the exact Name, Service Address, and Billing Telephone Number (BTN) on record with your current provider, including any capitalization, punctuation and/or abbreviations and the number you are transferring must be within IP Communications’ service area.


icon codecWhat happens if my numbers can't be transferred?

If we cannot transfer your number you may elect to get a new number in your area or elsewhere. There are several reasons that may cause a failure to your transfer request. Here are some more common problems:

  • Number is not within our service area for transfers
  • Name and Address mismatch or invalid - Your number information must match exactly what your previous carrier has on their Record. If it does not match exactly, they will reject our request.
  • Billing Telephone Number is incorrect - Your Billing Telephone Number must match exactly what your previous carrier has on their bill. If it does not match exactly, they will reject our request.