Sample Device Configurations
These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for configuring the most popular VoIP brands such as Asterisk, 3CX, Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys, Polycom and many more.

Connect your device to our network with ease.

IPComms supports most VoIP Gateways, Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA), IP Phones and Softphones. We provide easy to understand sample configuration guides for many popular device manufacturers. To view online installation instructions for a device, click your device name below.

Need help or don't see the device you're looking for listed below? We might have a sample config that hasn't yet been placed online just yet.  If not, we might even be able to create one for you.  Just create a support ticket and let us know what you'd like to see added to our sample configuration list below or if you have any other support questions.


Technical specs


G.711 - Standard (64kbit/s per call)
G.729 - Compression (8kbit/s per call)

SIP Protocol Support

SIP -  (Session Initiation Protocol)- RFC3261
G.711 - Standard audio compression
G.729 - Efficient audio compression
FAX - T.38 & G711 Passthrough
DTMF - RFC4733, RFC 2833


SIP Username/Password Authentication
Prefix-Based IP Authentication
IP-SEC (*service dependent)


Basic SIP Endpoint Routing
PSTN Forwarding - mobile or landline
Dynamic Load-Balancing
Automatic Call Failover

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