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Unified Communications 500 (UC500) Device Configuration


UC500 Common Questions

Does UC500 support multiple SIP trunks? 

The UC500 can have SIP trunks to multiple sources which may be required in some cases for least cost routing etc. This is an optional Supplemental Feature that is not configured by CCA 2.2 but requires CLI expertise. This feature is supported on the UC500 software pack 8.0.0 or later - CLI configuration is at .


What are the maximum number of concurrent calls supported over UC500 SIP Trunks?

The main limit for the maximum number of calls is a function of the WAN bandwidth as that will limit the max number of active calls on the SIP Trunk. In general the UC500 has been tested to the max calls based on user limit on the UC520s & UC540s. On the UC560s it is typically up to 40 active calls max.

Can I register multiple DID numbers to a SIP trunk provider from the UC500 with different username & passwords?

Yes this is supported on the UC500 - UC500 can register DID numbers in 3 different ways:
  1. Main number registration only
  2. All DID number registration using single username / password
  3. All DID number registration using unique username / password per DID